New Age Music and International Fusion Compilations
by Music a la Carte - Music Mosaic

With New Age Music you:
Relax, unwind, de-stress, meditate...

Recharge your batteries... expand your perspectives...
Love, dance, play, dream...
Leave the fast pace at the door... forget the challenges for a while...
Empower yourself
Soothing sounds can enhance your ability to come up with new ideas, new solutions...

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Store Policies and Shipping


You can pay
- in US Dollars by clicking on the "Paypal" button, or
- in the currency of your country by clicking on the "Order Now" button. The price is displayed in Australian Dollars but the charge to your credit card will be in your currency.

Currency Converter
If you want to know the total amount of your purchase in the currency of your country, use the currency converter conveniently placed at the bottom of your shopping basket.

Accepted credit cards


Money-Back Guarantee - No-question-asked

No risk involved! - If you are not happy with the CD/DVD send it back and we will refund the amount, or replace the CD/DVD. No question asked!

Packaging & Shipping of your CD and DVD - Your choice

We are an Australian company. All amounts are quoted in Australian dollars (AU $) followed by the equivalent in U.S. dollars (US $). The actual amount billed to your credit card will be converted to your own currency by your bank at prevailing market rates.

Environmental friendly Eco-Pack
All our CD's and DVD's can be shipped world-wide in a special eco-pack (cardboard sleeve): Minimal packaging = minimal environmental impact + minimal postage. But no info booklets!
CD AU $19.50 =
US $12.00
DVD AU $22.00 =
US $16.50
Artful Jewel-Pack
Most of our CD's are offered with an attractive cover, a 4-page colour booklet and a beautifully printed CD - just the way you are used to.
Tribal Groove
CD AU $24.00 =
US $14.50


Your name and address are needed to ship the CD(s)/DVD(s) to you. This data is held in complete confidentiality and will not be released to or shared with a third party for any purpose whatsoever.


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